Lockdown Seaweed

Lockdown Seaweed

By Kathryn Redman

Seaweed Pressings from Lockdown Trips to the Beach



This seaweed was collected during walks along my local beach, Exmouth, during covid related lockdowns.




The best time to look for seaweed is after stormy weather, and most of this was collected during blustery early morning walks. There are lots of different colours and shapes and sizes of seaweed, but my favourites to look for were the feathery pink and purple pieces.


Seaweed pressing involves several steps spaced out over a few weeks. First, it needs to be gently washed in fresh water. Whilst the seaweed is suspended in the water thick paper needs to be carefully submerged below the seaweed and slowly lifted out to keep the seaweed from clumping together. It then needs layering with more thick paper and sandwiching between heavy hardbacks. The paper needs to be replaced every few days to make sure it completely dries out, and this can take a few weeks.


Once pressed, I placed them in glass frames and some have started to slightly fade from the sun.

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