Welcome to Expressions of Health & Resilience, part of The Health & Resilience Project. This is a space where women and gender non-binary people can share in one another’s experiences of wellness, illness, difficult times, and resilience.

Our health and wellbeing can be difficult subjects to talk about. We can sometimes feel alone in our experiences and as though other people don’t understand. Many of us will have been living with health conditions that were impacted by Covid-19. Others of us will be living with new illness. Some of us will have loved ones whose wellbeing we feel responsible for. Some of us will be feeling well after difficult times. Whatever our experiences of illness, wellness, and challenge in our lives, we can be united by our stories. We can find solace knowing that there are people who want to hear our experiences, and people who may find comfort in thoughts, feelings and experiences that resonate with their own.

Our project – The Health & Resilience Project – is about understanding how people experience illness, wellness, difficult times, and resilience. It is also about making spaces for these experiences to be expressed through creativity. This website is one of these spaces.

We are inviting all people who identify as women or as non-binary to share their stories here. We want our virtual scrapbook to be a place where people read about the experiences of others, and find the confidence, if they wish, to share their own experiences.

Whatever your preferred method of expression, we’re inviting submissions to be shared on the website. It could be a short sentence, a letter, poem, song, essay, painting, sketch, photo, video, meme – whatever your chosen medium, this can be your platform.

If you fancy seeing some inspiration for your contribution, or just want to browse, you can visit the scrapbook to see what other people have shared. We’d love to hear from you, and we think that others would too.

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